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Something for later

Marvel Loki determined
Just something that I wanted to keep for later. :3

Hail magnificent Sky-Treader.
Hail Loki, Friend of Thor,
Who moves swiftly
into and out of all the worlds.
Hail Loki to Whom a locked door,
a guarded border, an expanse of lonely terrain
is no impediment.
Please watch over me today as i journey
to/from my home.
Watch over me today, great God of mischief,
mighty in cunning, Who secures the safety of His friends,
and secure my safety too.
Hail Loki, now and always.


Can you feel my heart?

Marvel- Loki silhouette
HEY YOU GUYS. I haven't been posting recently, I am so sorry! Honestly my muse has been utterly taken over by writing, and all of that creative energy is going into my Loki RP. My new writing partners are amazing, and I am insane and took on a pile of SLs (storylines). I don't understand the RP accounts that complain about being bored I AM SO CONSUMED BY ALL OF THE ACTIVITY THROWN AT ME THAT I LITERALLY DON'T SLEEP HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE BOOOOOORED

We are creating actual stories and I'm actually immensely proud of my corner of twitter. :3

I have Monster High pictures that I took a little bit ago that I need to edit and put up. Also I got a couple new ponies (there's like a bargin line of MLPs that I found that are only $3.33, and I can even sort of afford that! I have two of them now.)
But I'm not going to do that quite yet because I have things to write first... xD

How would you like to see some of my writing music?

I am obsessed with this song, it speaks to me~

Then there is this song. It is beautiful, and the video is amazing. I had no idea who this girl was before I read the comments, so the tv show she's from is irrelevant. I wish that I'd been able to do this sort of thing as I'd wanted to
The point of the girl is that she's a representation of the singer from childhood being raised by alchoholic parents I guess? I think that's powerful.

This also speaks to meeeee

And last this song:

This song also speaks to me, and since I'm writing to find something beautiful to say...


My tweets

Marvel Loki restore to "glory"


Loki- I like her
On Friday as I was walking home from work I took some pictures with Venus with some of the flowers that are out. Mostly there are just some blossoms on trees, these little white bunches are everywhere. I don't have a ton of variety yet, and on my walk home this is basically the only thing on said walk, but it's still pretty and I wanted to take pictures of them before they were gone. There's also this little well on the way home that I think is cute so I thought I'd take some pictures of her on it. :3
I wasn't having the best luck because the smoke haze was making my lighting wonky.

This turned out to be my favourite shot though.
Venus on the well
I am glad that it is summer!

One more...Collapse )

In the trees
I love the flowers...
One more pictureCollapse )

I've also been reading a lot of comics this weekend, my Kid!Loki comics, mostly. Though also some classic Thor. I need to have my characterization of Loki down! xD It's research yo.
loki yes of course
My favourite kind of research~

Also been reading Deadpool. Deadpool is funnay.

Last night X-Men First Class was on tv, and as I hadn't seen it yet (it's one of those movies out of the time period that I wasn't watching movies) we decided to watch it. As it's a movie outside of the fold of Marvel proper it hadn't been quite as critical for me to see it as my other Marvel bbs. I miss my X-Men though so it was good.
At the end I told Scottie that there must be a name for a ship between Magneto and Prof X. And also that I might be boarding said ship. (Of course, I've always had a soft spot for Magneto so that's easy. Not as much of a soft spot as what I have for Loki because that would basically be impossible but still)

*goes to look for scrapbook* Oh my god this layout e_e

Remember how excited I was about going to see Only Lovers Left Alive last week? Yeaaaaah. I was going to go this weekend. Scottie was going to surprise me by coming with me to a matinee. When he woke me up on Saturday he let me know that it wasn't in the cinema anymore. I am such a dummy. I saw that it there and I was going to go right away because I knew as an indie film it wouldn't be there for a super long time. Only derptastically I didn't think that the films reset on Friday, not after the weeeknd.
Adam took you out but doesnt have to like it
I dun care what any of the other movies are they are not what I want to see.

On the bright side though, Scottie preordered the bluray for me! So I'll be able to see it in the fall. Still. One I have been excited about seeing this film for AGES OMG, and I want the film to do as well as possible because I want Hiddles in ALL THE THINGS so I feel disappointed that I couldn't support it in my own small way.

Later pancakes~

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Marvel Loki restore to "glory"


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